MAC Social Impact

Social Impact MACMany resources under one umbrella

One of the great things about MAC is the connection many of our members have to making a real difference in the world through their role in the payments industry.  This might have some of its roots in MAC's partnerships with law enforcement organizations that extend back to our early years.  It may be reinforced by educational programs and partnerships to raise awareness of the role of payments in crimes like human trafficking and child endangerment.  It could be an outgrowth of our member focus on stopping fraud through collaboration and education. Whatever its source, making a difference is part of the DNA of MAC members.

With the launch of our new website, we are also announcing the launch of MAC Social Impact.  As we go forward, we will add resources and pointers to help our members help make an impact on the world.  This will include member-benefit resources such as policy templates and talking points,  as well as evidence-based research and white papers documenting trends. We plan to continue educational sessions and create new opportunities for members to collaborate in making a difference.

A call to engage

We welcome members to become involved in forming new special interest groups (SIGs) designed to promote the exchange of information and resources to help our members, law enforcement, and the broader public become more aware of existing and emerging areas of crime that utilize payments in addition to designing and documenting ways the payment industry can have a positive impact on the world around us.

So please, explore this site and collaborate with us to make it a world-class resource for the payment industry.  Some initial areas we are seeking help include:

  • Helping form SIGS around Social Impact, Fraud and DEI.  SIGS are a great way to build community and collaborate to create resources that benefit all of our member organizations.
  • Contributing to a blog post, providing links to resources, recruiting speakers, and sharing stories of how our members can make a difference in the lives of others through their work.
  • Develop mentoring and educational initiatives to grow the diversity and pool of current and future talent for our industry.
  • Contribute to research that helps members make more informed decisions in their efforts to reduce fraud and crimes that utilize the payment ecosystem.

Contact us to learn more or contribute, and watch for additional resources to be added in the year ahead!