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Committee Purpose

MAC’s mission: "To strengthen the payment ecosystem through ongoing education, communication and cooperation among acquirers, card brands and enforcement agencies."


The Merchant Acquirers’ Committee organization employs the below committees to actively support the mission statement of the overall organization. A chairperson coordinates the goals and activities of the group leading each committee. Any MAC member in good status can join any committee with open membership, though the chairperson leading the group must be on the Board of Directors. There are several committees with restricted membership due to the sensitivity of the committee material or requirements for special skill sets.

If you are looking to broaden your network, add experience to your resume, and contribute to something that will help the entire industry, consider volunteering by emailing [email protected] today.

Outreach Committee

Open Membership

The Outreach committee collaborates to identify new avenues to attract new members. Efforts range from attending other conferences, engaging industry press for public relations, and speaking engagements on current topics by MAC members. Members wishing to join a committee and immediately contribute are always welcome, as members tend to be from a diverse range of payments experience.

Education Committee

Open Membership

The Education committee focuses on offering continuing education for all aspects of the acquiring community. The most popular Education committee offerings are the educational webinars, which occur at least once monthly.  In addition to complimentary webinars for members, MAC also provides benchmarking reports, access to all past webinars, copies of past event session slides, and relevant industry white papers and articles.

Marketing Committee

Open Membership

The Marketing Committee works attentively to ensure all communications, advertising, and outreach media accurately portray and communicate the mission statement of the organization. Marketing committee members work with all other committees, enhancing the media efforts to further other committees in their goals.

Annual Conference Committee

Open Membership

The Annual Conference Committee has a centralized focus, the organization’s major annual conference, typically located in Las Vegas, Nevada each spring. The committee is dedicated to educational excellence, working hard to ensure each year’s content is professional, educationally relevant, and current so that attendees can stay a step ahead in their career.


Regional Conference Committee

Open Membership

In addition to the larger annual conference, there are three regional one-day educational conferences facilitating additional education for audiences that are closer to the front lines in payments. Each year, a Western, Mid-Western, and Eastern location are identified for that year’s conference, and are typically in the second half of the year, with dates varying from year to year.

Finance Committee

Restricted Membership

The Finance Committee is focused on the financial stability and viability of the organization. The committee holds the keys to each committee’s budgetary needs, and also monitors investments made, adjusting based on the financial state of the market. The committee Chair is MAC’s Treasurer and oversees the preparation of quarterly financial reports to present to the Board.

Website Committee

Open Membership

The Website Committee ensures that all aspects of the organization’s public-facing website is accurate, bug-free, and up to date. This committee works with all others regarding any content they would like incorporated into the website.

Membership Committee

Restricted Membership

The Membership committee has a limited amount of members who are responsible for vetting members, granting appropriate access to the various types of information and educational material available. Membership is also responsible for the managing the process of annual renewals for all members, answering membership related questions, and ensuring all members are adhering to the policies of the organization as it relates to membership.


Government Relations Committee

Restricted Membership

The Government Relations committee is comprised of members that are directly involved in legal and compliance duties in their professional careers. This committee publishes a quarterly Government Relations newsletter, which is dedicated to keeping the membership educated and aware of legal and compliance issues that affect the payments industry.


Election Committee

Restricted Membership

The Election Committee is comprised of board members and meets annually during election season. The committee receives all applications for elected positions, interviews candidates and ultimately produces a slate for the board members to on. Once elections are complete and the new season of elected leaders are announced, the Election committee’s work is done for the year.


Bank Consortium

Restricted Membership

The Bank Consortium's mission is to connect and educate people in the banking industry on issues related to the processing of payments.  To help them gain confidence to support the protection of the payments infrastructure, stay in compliance with their obligations as clients of the payment networks, and stay updated on industry best practices.