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As a volunteer-driven organization, MAC creates events with members in mind. We understand the effects of the coronavirus on our members from firsthand experience because we are MAC members too. We know that staying on top of changes and challenges within the payments ecosystem is more important today than ever.  As members ourselves, we remain committed to supporting ongoing and relevant education at all levels of the MAC community.

The health and safety of the community are as important to us as delivering awesome educational experiences. Prior to COVID-19, MAC offered popular in-person training events around the US each fall, across three different regional locations. The turbulent times we are in call for new approaches.

Please join us as we host a Virtual Regional event that you won’t want to miss, conveniently organized over a three-day period:

  • Day 1: Get important updates from payments regulators.
    Noon - 2:40 EDT.
  • Day 2: Hear the latest insights in the enforcement ecosystem.
    Noon- 2:40 EDT.
  • Day 3: Understand the state of today’s payment landscape.
    Noon - 2:10 EDT.

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Wed - Enforcement Ecosystem 

thur - covid Impacts on the payment landscape


Tuesday, October 20 - Noon - 2:40 PM EDT

The payments regulators will help us succeed. Payments regulators: Visa, NACHA, and hopefully Mastercard will present 2020 challenges being faced in the payments landscape.

The agenda is tentative and subject to change.

Tues 12:00 pm EDT 
5 minutes

Welcome to MAC's Virtual Regional
Julie Schwartz, WorldPay

Tues 12:05 pm EDT 
30 minutes

Payment Fraud Threats in the Pandemic Environment
Megan Munroe, Visa
  This session will highlight some of the current threats to the payments ecosystem that have emerged and evolved throughout the COVID-19 pandemic environment. There will be a brief overview of each threat topic, including specific examples where possible.

Tues 12:35 pm EDT 
10 minutes
Five Ways Cybercriminals Trick Monitoring Alogorithms Presented by LegitScript
David Khalaf, LegitScript
  LegitScript will be presenting a quick knowledge burst. 

Tues 12:45 pm EDT 
5 minutes
  Talk a walk. Stretch. Look out the window. You've done a lot of learning and you deserve a quick breather.  Personally, we would like to take this time to thank the wonderful volunteers who made this event happen - thanks team!

Tues 12:50 pm EDT 
30 minutes

Reversals: Too Much, Too Little, and Just Right
Jordan Bennett, Nacha
  Within just a few short weeks in the fall of 2019, the ACH Network experienced three situations that stirred up discussions of reversals across the industry. In one situation, reversals were used that should not have been; in the second situation, reversals were not used, but should have been; and in the third situation, reversals saved the day. Jordan Bennett examines each of the situations and starts a conversation on what was done right and what could have been done better. He will discuss what the network is doing to improve clarity for all participants in the reversal process. 

Tues 1:20 pm EDT 
10 minutes
Stump the Listener with AGG
  Arnall Golden Gregory litigators will entertain with three stories of pure payments pandemonium. Guess which story is true for the opportunity to win a prize.

Tues 1:30 pm EDT 
5 minutes
  Did you know that MAC has been around for over 20 years? Something to think about during our quick break.

Tues 1:35 pm EDT 
30 minutes
Global Fraud Trends and Impact of COVID-19
Claire Le Gal, Mastercard
  In this session, you will learn about the most recent global fraud trends from Mastercard and how the covid-19 pandemic is impacting such trends. In addition, we will discuss cyber crimes that have been prevalent during the pandemic and best practices for avoiding such scams.

Tues 2:10 pm EDT 
30 minutes
Round Table: Transaction Laundering: Risks and Responsibilities All MAC Members Should Understand
Host: Deana Rich, Infinicept
Panelist: Michael J. Bresnick, Venable
Panelist: Theodore F. Monroe, The Law Offices of Theodore F. Monroe
  Mainstream media has shone a light on the role that payments companies and banks play in facilitating transaction laundering by alleged criminals, whether knowingly or not. While the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission have brought cases against merchants and payments processors for years, scrutiny on sales for marijuana, designer drugs, and other illegal purchases have featured payments companies as the weak link in the chain. All MAC members are potentially vulnerable to these concerns and have something to learn from this session.  

Wednesday, October 21 - Noon - 2:40 PM EDT

The second day will be how to keep your shop on the rails. MAC will showcase AML 2020, and a legal analysis of the recent FTC losses (focusing on what these cases don't mean for payments.)

The agenda is tentative and subject to change.

Wed 12:00 pm EDT 
5 minutes

Welcome to MAC's Virtual Regional
Julie Schwartz, WorldPay

Wed 12:05 pm EDT 
30 minutes

AML Practices: Best in Show
Laura Goldzung, AML Audit Services
  The acquiring chain encompasses many processes, players, influencers, risks, and accepted practices. Some, not all, have a requirement to implement an anti-money laundering program while others find themselves voluntarily putting a program in place due to financial, bank, or other partner requests, but not requirements. Laura will present the benefits of having a program, whether required or voluntary, and how the ultimate goal of identifying suspicious activity will improve your business model.

Wed 12:35 pm EDT 
10 minutes
10 Risk Factors in 10 Minutes
Dan Fretchling, Verisk Financial G2
Niamh Lewis, Verisk Financial G2
  G2 covers the top 10 risk factors that have affected the payments industry in 2020.

Wed 12:45 pm EDT 
5 minutes
  Let's all take a quick break to ponder the awesomeness of a MAC membership. 

Wed 12:50 pm EDT 
30 minutes

Implications of Money Transmission Laws Beyond Regulatory Enforcement
Nicole Meisner, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss P.C.
   Payment companies are continually grappling with money transmission laws in the United States. Often, the focus is on the potential risk of regulatory enforcement if such laws apply.  However, the ramification of these laws on payment companies can extend far beyond the regulatory authorities—particularly if the company is positioning for sale, merger or investment.  Nicole Meisner from Jaffe Law will dive into these issues and other trends involving money transmission in the world of electronic payments. 

Wed 1:20 pm EDT 
10 minutes
MAC in a Minute
  Join MAC Board Members and speakers for MAC in a Minute to learn more about MAC membership value for yourself and your organization, volunteer opportunities, and how you can impact change in the payment ecosystem. This session will be your time to ask MAC questions and hear first hand how the association is advocating for you.

Wed 1:30 pm EDT 
5 minutes
  Stretch. Grab some water. Perhaps register for an upcoming MAC webinar.

Wed 1:35 pm EDT 
30 minutes
What 2020 Tells Us About Regulators' Changing Expectations; Plus, Some Good News
Theresa Kananen, AGG
Ed Marshall, AGG

A global pandemic has not slowed the FTC’s enforcement actions against the payments industry. If anything, they’ve been accelerating, and the cases have shown more stringent expectations for underwriting and risk monitoring along with some new regulatory pet peeves. Our legal experts from AGG will address those developments, walk through some correlative changes to the ETA’s Guidelines, and then share some (really) good news about how the courts are stepping in to recalibrate the balance of regulatory power.

Wed 2:10 pm EDT 
30 minutes
Round Table: Chargebacks in the COVID Era
Sponsored by Salus Payments
Host: Domenic Cirone, Midigator
Panelist: Jim Bibles, Aperia
Panelist: Craig McClure, Chargebacks911
 We hope that you can join us for an unusual round table about an unusual time for chargebacks. Our panelists will take questions and discuss how the COVID pandemic has impacted chargebacks. 

Thursday, October 22 - Noon - 2:10 PM EDT

The final day will be a celebration. The payments professionals are achieving success in fighting international crime syndicates. There will be a talk on how COVID-19 disrupted the TCO world and how payments professionals are helping. The DEA will speak on how payment platforms are integral to taking down pill mills.

The agenda is tentative and subject to change.

Thur 12:00 pm EDT 
5 minutes

Welcome to MAC's Virtual Regional
Julie Schwartz, WorldPay

Thur 12:05 pm EDT 

30 minutes
Illicit Trade Under COVID
Dr. Louise Shelley, GINA/George Mason
This presentation will look at the supply chains that facilitate the illicit trade under COVID, the commodities most frequently traded, and who has capitalized on these opportunities. It will focus on the convergence of different forms of illicit activity, and also address how this illegal activity intersects both the licit and the illicit economy.

Thur 12:35 pm EDT 
10 minutes
CTraCCC-Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Corruption: Research and Policy on Key Issues of Concern to All of Us
Dr. Louise Shelley, GINA/George Mason

Thur 12:45 pm EDT 
5 minutes
  You've done a lot of learning these past three days and deserve a quick break. 

Thur 12:50 pm EDT 
30 minutes

Pill Presses and Counterfeit Pills - A Contributing Factor to Drug Overdose Deaths in America
Katie Laughery, DEA
  The carpenters are working overtime to build an exceptional session. Once their hammers are finished, we'll send out an announcement of the session details.

Thur 1:20 pm EDT 
10 minutes
Pet Parade!
  Get your pets camera ready and head over to MAC's first ever Pet Parade. All are invited - hamsters, snakes, dogs, cats, and, even capybaras - to be on camera and say hello. See you there!

Thur 1:30 pm EDT 
5 minutes
  Its time for a break. Did you know that MAC is a volunteer-led organization? We are always looking for new awesome individuals to help drive us towards the next destination of amazing. 

Thur 1:35 pm EDT 
30 minutes
COVID-19: Underwriting, Risk, and Compliance - How Do We Adjust?
Kevin Lambrix, KeyBank
Eric Woods, Elavon
Shari Savlick, Merrick Bank

COVID-19 rocked the world in 2020. Now, a panel of banks discusses how they’ve worked to rebuild the plane while it’s in flight. Expect this session to include a deeper dive into fraud trends, how things have changed underwriting and compliance strategies, how the landscape may continue to change, and where we as an industry go from here.



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