Ep3: Exhibitor Preference Point Program

Each industry partner is unique and there is a partnership program for you no matter your goals, budget, or needs. 

MAC Level Up is a 2.5-day event attended by 450+ leaders and influencers from the payments ecosystem. With a strong emphasis on education, Level Up has a reputation as the 'first-choice' conference those in the credit, risk, and compliance industry attend. Timed to come at the beginning of the year, Level Up is your first opportunity to get your message out in the 2022 calendar year.

Influencers & Product Demos

If you want to look like industry thought leader, the organization that has the answers to the strategic and daily challenges of the members, then these are the types of opportunities for you. They include speaking in front of the attendees. But, you don't just get to show-off your products and ideas. You are embedded into the agenda - the same agenda as the educational sessions - so you are not just a presenter of problems, you are a presenter of solutions.

NEW TO 2022 - Attendees no longer will be asked to get up and move to you... we will bring you to them. The audience is all yours for ten minutes. Not only will you have the audience, but you'll also have the whole track sponsorship! Tracks are two-hour blocks of content - you'll have logo placement of the track and the speaking slot in the middle.

    • Main Stage with no competing sessions.

    • Introduce the Opening or Closing Keynote speaker to the entire crowd and then have your own ten-minute session directly after. 

    • Two (2) available. 

    • The track with the largest potential audience on the main stage. 
    • Logo placement and Name tied to the track.
    • Ten-minute speaking session embedded in the agenda. 
    • Four(4) available.
    • Sponsorship of the parallel track with logo placement and Name tied to the track.
    • Ten-minute speaking session embedded in the agenda. 
    • Four (4) available.
    • Track dedicated to technical updates. The target audience is anyone responsible for managing technical or tactical compliance with the card brand and industry regulations. 
    • Sponsorship of this track comes with logo placement and Name tied to the track but also two 15-minute sessions (more than the other tracks).
    • One (1) available
    • C-Suite
      A special two-hour track block dedicated to sessions designed for C-Suite attendees. This is an invite-only session made up of only C-Suite payment organization leaders of the industry working on a common challenge. Ask for additional details.

    • Personal Development
      A special two-hour track block dedicated to sessions designed to foster stronger future leaders of the industry.


Some organizations are known for bringing the industry together. They are the ones who are seen as seeing the connections in people and creating the space for innovations and connections to occur.

NEW to 2022 - Two new networking events are being added to Level Up. After a successful component to our virtual events in 2021, MAC is adding Coffee Connect to the live events. The Young Professionals event is MAC's way of preparing our future leaders for success at Level Up and beyond. 

Opening Reception - $xxx

  • The premier networking event at Level Up. 2022 will be MAC's 25th anniversary and we'll be having a birthday bash this year.

Young Professional Meet & Greet  - $2,000?

  • A special session planned just for those new to the industry. A quick career-development session is planned along with a networking event. This is an opportunity for you to get in-front and support future leader. 

Coffee Connect  - $2,000?

  • Coffee Connect is a breakfast event prior to the start of each day. This is where old friends meet up and swap stories, talk about what sessions they are excited to see, and make new friends. This is your opportunity to host connections and be the welcoming friendly face to the conference. 

Booth  - $2,000?

  • This is your chance to meet and connect with attendees at your six foot table. 
  • Booths are spread out in the common space. Attendees will pass through between sessions, at breaks, and to get to the lunch areas. 

Industry Supporters

If you are a pillar of the industry. A superhero in the fight against fraud. A friend of MAC. MAC Members know you are there to support them in their efforts to learn more, prepare better, and collaborate on a common cause. 

Badge - $xxx

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Badge - $xxx

  • Lopsum ipsum blah put the words here mi carro is muy bonito