MAC Alert Policies

MAC Alerts is a member-only benefit.  By using MAC Alerts, members agree to adhere to all policies related to this system, including, but not limited to, MAC's Code of Conduct, MAC's antitrust compliance program, and the rules and limitations provided on this page or in MAC's Policy and Procedure Manual.

Rules and Limitations

MAC Alerts are managed by the Membership Committee, subject to the policies and guidelines contained within MAC's Policy and Procedure Manual. Once approved, individuals and organizations agree to abide by any program rules for MAC-Alerts defined by MAC, its Membership Committee, or applicable legal requirements. 

Members may be requested to acknowledge current rules and limitations on an annual basis to maintain access to MAC Alerts.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following key provisions:

  • Access to MAC-Alerts is a single-user, non-exclusive, non-transferable license.  The individual member granted access to MAC Alerts and the associated member organization are responsible for the appropriate use of this benefit. 
  • By using MAC Alerts, members acknowledge that they will adhere to the guidelines in MAC's antitrust compliance guidelinesMAC's Code of Conduct, and other policies contained within MAC's Policy and Procedure Manual or developed specifically for this benefit.
  • MAC makes no warranties (express or implied) regarding the accuracy of the information contained within MAC Alerts. Individuals acknowledge that the use of the information contained within MAC Alerts is at the individual’s option and that in interpreting, acting upon, or responding to the information contained within a MAC Alert the individual exercises their own skill and judgment. 
  • As part of its antitrust compliance program, all alert communications are moderated before distribution to members. 
    • Members may not post information in an alert that would violate U.S. federal antitrust laws or other legal or regulatory provisions.
    • Alerts may not be used for commercial promotion to members unless authorized in writing by MAC.
    • Partner organizations may utilize alerts to share information on upcoming events of interest or value to members.
  • MAC will attempt to moderate and distribute alerts in a timely fashion, with a target of 24 hours or less from the time of submission. MAC reserves the right to reject, edit, or delete any MAC Alert posting at its discretion.

For inquiries regarding MAC Alerts, please contact the MAC Membership Committee.