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Dear Members,

The best is yet to come; with the close of 2020, let's set our sights on the great things on our collective horizons. I am looking forward to the opportunity to take on the Presidency of MAC with a mix of humility and excitement. We will kick the year off with continued work from a dedicated group of Board Members, Advisors, and Volunteers who strengthen the programs, educational and networking opportunities and make MAC the great organization it is.

Many thanks to Georgia Stavrakis for all of her hard work and leadership over these past years as President. I have learned so much from her leadership and mentorship, and I look forward to her continued involvement with the MAC Board. Chris Bucolo, as our President Elect, affords us opportunities that I am very excited about. He will focus on obtaining feedback from this past Summers Board Assessment and ensuring that all voices are heard amongst our Board, Advisors, and Committees. Vadeene Sisk has added Treasurer to her Secretary role, and we are lucky to have her tireless great work and effort as a part of our team. We welcome Shari Savlick as Vice President and will look forward to her ideas and perspectives. She joins David Landis and Sid Pershad, who continue in their role as Vice Presidents, and I want to thank them for all of their past and future contributions to our organization.

We are complemented by board members in Jim Bibles, Adrienne Gray, Jacinthia Lawson, and Heather Mark, who join Aimee DuCasse, Aliki Liadis-Hall, Kate Root, and Kevin Smith. To round out the squad, we have new advisors in Christian Chmiel, Kevin Lambrix, Alexis Lichterman, Jennifer Maddux, and Presidential Advisors in Tim Miller, Elaine Jamer, and Julie Schwartz. This is the dream team, and I am looking forward to what we will accomplish as a group.

We couldn’t do all of this without Mark Nelson’s efforts as our Executive Director, who continues to offer excellent guidance and direction. It’s not an easy job, and we appreciate the contributions and effort that he and Brian Reddoch make to assist all of our committees and projects and keep MAC’s goals in sight.

This year's Level Up will go exclusively virtual, and the agenda will continue to provide all attendees a significant chance to learn and grow within the industry. The committee works to augment these efforts with additional networking capabilities. The goal will be to seek revenue opportunities that we hadn’t thought of before and continue to allow Level Up to be the source of funding for much of our programs and overhead.

Work continues on our Policies and Procedures Manual, which is almost complete and will be augmented with the creation of the Governance Committee. I am pleased to report that Chris Bucolo, Jim Bibles, and Heather Mark have agreed to lead the Governance Committee. Their first priority will be to document the election process, of which we have another coming up in April.

We are always seeking volunteers to assist in our efforts to help you and your organization successfully manage risk, compliance, and fraud in today’s increasingly complex world. Please reach out to a board member or committee chair to express your interest.

Let’s come together as a MAC Community and make 2021 the best year yet!

Stephen Prince
President MAC