Dispatch Issue: 6/30/21

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Articles in this week's issue:
  • 5 digital payment trends in 2021
  • In the push against cash, cannabis fintech meets the industry where it is
  • How will wearable devices impact digital payments?
  • Mobile payment app complaints are surging as more Americans go cashless
  • This founder is overhauling the payment processing industry by putting women at the helm
    How the pandemic affected the digital payments landscape in Italy
  • In payments, it's good to be the king, until there's a coup around the corner
  • The future of payments: New assets - new security challenges
  • Real-time payments are a speeding train in the payments industry
  • Four states propose laws to ban ransomware payments
  • Will the growth in NFTs change the trajectory of the banking and payments industry?
  • When authorized payments are not: Spotting coercion in online transactions
  • China's central bank cuts some fees affecting small businesses