Dispatch Issue: 7/28/21

Posted By: Kristen Holmes MAC Dispatch,

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Articles in this week's issue:

  • A brief look at the digital payment trends dominating 2021
  • 5 eCommerce fraud prevention trends to monitor in 2021
  • 'Many ways to make a payment' is here to stay
  • Apple Pay versus Google Pay battle over security in Australian antitrust hearing
  • Boosting the video gaming industry with leveled up support for gamers
  • Digital payments firms ride government growth wave
  • Tesla will 'most likely' restart accepting bitcoin as payments, says Musk
  • The B2B fraud lens focuses in on invoice scams
  • Commentary: It's time for peer-to-peer payment apps and digital cash services to address fraud
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies surge on Amazon payments rumours
  • PagoNxt's Getnet boosts merchant payments offering in Europe
  • Lasting pandemic payments lessons
  • Paystand banks $50 million to make B2B payments cashless and with no fees
  • How the pandemic has forced changes in the way acquirers approach — and sell to — merchants
  • Ransomware: Here's how much victims have saved in ransom payments by using these free decryption tools