MAC is for Everyone - And, the Next Phase of DEI at MAC includes You

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MAC is for Everyone - And, the Next Phase of DEI at MAC includes You

Are you interested in helping define the future of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) at MAC? We are looking for volunteers as we move our DEI efforts to their next phase. If you are interested, read on to learn more about how you can make a difference!

Where we are at today.

Early in 2021 the MAC Board adopted its first policy clearly articulating its support for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. That policy reads as follows:

MAC embraces and is committed to promoting inclusion, diversity, equity, and access in the payments ecosystem as both an ethical and operational imperative. We will continue to promote a culture that recognizes and develops the potential of all members. We will take proactive steps across all our activities and initiatives to ensure the adoption of processes and practices that enable access to opportunities for inclusion and engagement across all segments of our diverse membership. We will strive to eliminate potential sources of discrimination, harassment, and victimization within our membership. We recognize the benefits of having a diverse community of members and volunteers who value one another and realize the contribution they can make to achieving MAC’s mission to ensure the integrity of the payments ecosystem through education, communication, and collaboration.

As part of our ongoing planning and activity to see this policy realized, MAC’s initial focus centered on improving inclusivity. This is reflected in everything from changes to our committee guidelines to the structure of our dues and membership model. As one result, our board is now more diverse than it has ever been, and through succession planning, we hope to see that trend continue. 

A new opportunity to evolve DEI at MAC.

Thanks to the pioneering contributions of volunteers in our Outreach Committee, we are now ready to elevate our DEI activity. At its meeting in August, the MAC Board unanimously approved to form a new group underneath the Governance Committee of the MAC Board. Our decision to move this group under our Governance Committee was intentional. The reasons included the following:

  1. Raises the profile and visibility of our DEI efforts within MAC by connecting them to a Committee of the Board.
  2. Allows us to align DEI efforts more closely to board development and succession planning activities.
  3. Provides a more focused mechanism to link DEI efforts to a broader range of MAC committees and programs.
  4. Advances the fulfillment of the DEI policy statement adopted by the Board.

Where we go next…

Volunteers on the DEI subcommittee will have the opportunity to shape the future face of MAC leadership and programs. We plan for this new group to evolve into a strategic interest group (SIG) on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion open to any member interested in promoting these issues within MAC and the broader payment risk and compliance community. With support from volunteers and sponsoring organizations, we intend to launch new mentoring, leadership development, and other educational opportunities under this umbrella. We are also developing new partnerships with like-minded organizations to support this effort. The only thing we are missing is YOU!

We now seek volunteers to serve on the initial subcommittee. We are looking for individuals passionate about DEI, whether that means supporting the growth and inclusion of younger members, ethnic diversity, professional roles, or other underrepresented segments. We welcome time, talent, and other resources to enable us to continue the pursuit this ongoing culture change within MAC, its membership, and the broader payment ecosystem.

Please drop us a note at [email protected] or fill out our online volunteer form to learn more or to let us know how you would like to engage in this effort. Please feel free to invite a colleague or co-worker to participate as well.