MAC Monitor Returns

Posted By: Mark Nelson MAC Monitor, Volunteer Openings,

The MAC Monitor has long been an occasional publication of MAC.  Normally produced a few times a year, it provides articles of interest to members on a range of current topics.  With our new website, we are now ready to relaunch the MAC Monitor.  We are looking for volunteers interested in developing short pieces (1-3 pages in length) on topics of interest to MAC members.  The articles should be noncommercial in nature, however, we can allow for links to white papers or studies conducted by partner organizations.

So what makes a good MAC monitor article? The content should be timely, relevant, and educational for professionals involved in managing fraud, risk, and compliance activities within the payment system.  Here are some sample ideas:

  • Educate on emerging fraud trends, such as recent developments around Friendly Fraud, which will be the subject matter of next week's post contributed by Chargebacks911. 
  • Explore a social impact topic, such as current efforts to address human trafficking and how members can get involved.  This will be the focus of a topic in a few weeks related to an initiative Eric Thompson at KYCSitescan has been working on with a project team from the National Science Foundation on behalf of MAC and its Outreach Committee. 
  • Delve into future trends and technologies that could change the payment ecosystem, such as cryptocurrency or artificial intelligence. 
  • Generate discussion around a current challenge facing the payment ecosystem and how we can leverage organizations like MAC to address these challenges better together.

If you are interested in contributing an article, or have additional questions, send us a note using the Contact MAC form found throughout the MAC website.  We look forward to a variety of contributions that enable our members to grow and share their expertise within the MAC community.