MAC Tech Days Video Playback - Responsible AI: Managing AI Risks in This Digital Era

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Responsible AI: Managing AI Risks in This Digital Era
Preeti Shivpuri and Michael Vinelli, Deloitte
Original Airdate - 3/2/21

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Increasing digital transformation has led to the tremendous growth of business data volumes and increased the investment of
disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to generate data-driven insights and business
efficiencies. This change has shifted the risk landscape (privacy, data biases, and discrimination, etc.) and has emphasized how
organizations are responsibly using, protecting, and governing data assets.

This session will begin with a primer on AI and how various disruptive technologies tend to shape the organization’s strategy ; will
then introduce a framework for understanding risks; following by a discussion of leading practices for how organizations should
address these risks with the right balance of innovation, risk management, and ethically scaled AI.