Managing MAC Alert Volume

Posted By: Mark Nelson MAC Updates,

Some members have commented on an increase in Alerts recently.  They may be bypassing your traditional filters as they come from the new system.  We also have a small backlog of Alert messages as we launched the new system and experienced initial implementation issues that did not surface in the original testing environment.

The great news is that our new MAC Alert system provides you with more control over what emails you receive than ever before.  Here are some things you can do that may help you with managing your MAC Alert emails:

  • If you previously used a filter for MAC Alerts, you can do so again.  All alert emails should come from [email protected].  Most email applications are able to establish filters for an address.
  • From within MAC Alerts you should see a menu underneath your profile image.  From the "My Account" menu you can set your email preferences to turn off email notifications.  You would then only see alerts when you log into the MAC Alerts environment.
  • In the same location under MyAccount in MAC Alerts you can now also have email sent as a digest format, meaning all emails arrive in one message which you can have arrive on your preferred schedule. There are several digest options:
    • You can group all types of alerts into one email digest, or receive one email digest for each type of alert that contains all alerts of that type (for example, one email that contains all recent Career Opportunity posts). 
    • You can set digest delivery to occur Daily or Weekly, or to not send an email.  You can even determine the day of the week and time of day which you receive your digest.  If you prefer to receive a digest first thing Monday morning, or at noon on Fridays--the choice is yours.
    • You may also modify some of these settings on a Group level (i.e., "Ask MAC Members", "Career Opportunities," etc.), allowing you to receive some types of alerts more frequently and others less frequently or not at all.  
  • Finally, from the same My Account menu, under Privacy Settings, you can make changes to turn off emails and web notifications, and limit the ability of other members to see your profile or send you messages directly.

The one current exception to these modifications are the "Restricted" Alerts, which are limited to a subset of members based on criteria approved by the MAC Board and maintained by the Membership Committee.  Because we are not allowed to retain these messages within our systems, changes to your configuration (i.e., Digest) should not affect the delivery of those Alerts.  They are automatically distributed by email once they are reviewed by moderators.  You can set the system to not send those emails to you, or if you do not want to receive those alerts, please let us know and we can change your main account settings to remove your access to the restricted alerts.

We hope these updates allow you to make the best use of this newly enhanced member benefit in a way that best meets your needs and email preferences.  There is more to come in the year ahead! 

Thanks for being a part of MAC, and don't forget to register for MAC Level Up. The early registration discount has been extended until May 29.  You can register from the main MAC website ( and our new system will now track education hours in a convenient transcript for those working on their CPP certification or renewal.

Have a great week,


Executive Director, MAC