Volunteer: Two new Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Posted By: Mark Nelson Volunteer Openings,


A Strategic Interest Group (SIG) is a group of members who share a common interest in a topic, who meet on a regular basis to discuss trends, share ideas, and work on collaborative projects for SIG members or the larger MAC community.  Such projects could be something as simple as designing and delivering a session for the annual conference or producing content for the MAC website, or something more advanced, like creating new educational or training resources.  The general goal of SIGs is to build community and enable networking among members with common interests linked to MAC's mission.

Today, MAC has one primary SIG:  The Bank Consortium, which is open only to bank members of MAC.  They meet once a month, contribute a session to the annual conference, and are working on a new member resource called the MAC-PACK.

Currently, we are in the early stages of considering two new SIGS:

SIG-FRAUD:  Which would focus on new and emerging fraud trends in the payment ecosystem.

SIG-ET: Which would focus on emerging technologies and topics in the payment ecosystem, such as cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc.

It has also been proposed that we consider SIGs for specific industry subgroups -- such as a SIG just for small ISOs.

This is a great opportunity to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills and build your network of connections within the MAC member community while also helping to build a lasting contribution.  If you are interested, please Contact Us to learn more.