Volunteer Appreciation

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A word of thanks...

This week we saw the power of volunteers to make a difference. This year’s Level Up event was a great demonstration of volunteer collaboration thanks to the many other individuals who volunteered their time and talent in support of MAC and its mission.

On behalf of the MAC board and staff, thank you to the many volunteers that make events like Level Up happen. Volunteers crafted the program, coordinated logistics, recruited and reviewed session proposals, moderated sessions, monitored the budget, engaged sponsors and volunteers, supported communication, and so much more that is both visible and behind the scenes. 

Thank you to our lead volunteers who really did the heavy lifting for this event – Jennifer and Dom who co-chaired the conference program, Diane and Adrienne who led the volunteer and engagement activities, Alexis and Dave who recruited sponsor support, and Julie Schwartz as the overall event chair. 

As this year's Level Up team demonstrated, volunteering for MAC can be inclusive, fun and meaningful.  Volunteering is a great way to build new skills, network with peers, and make a difference in the community.  Volunteering is central to MAC, its mission, and its ability to continue delivering great member education.

... and a look ahead.

Beyond Level Up, over the past few months we have seen a resurgence of new volunteers coming forward to engage with MAC.  While we are still developing new mechanisms to help match volunteers to opportunities, each week for at least the next few months we will post a new volunteer opportunity or background on a volunteer activity area each Thursday.  These will get posted to the Volunteer Openings area of our website, which can be found under the Engage>Volunteer area from our website menu.  We will repeat these posts each Wednesday in the MAC Dispatch.  

Our new engagement committee is developing an amazing array of methods for any member to become more engaged with the MAC community and recognizes that we need a diverse range of talent and participation to keep moving MAC forward. We are developing other mechanisms to make it easier for members to participate and contribute when and how they would like. We have an online volunteer form where you can express interest in volunteering.   We will be doing more to celebrate the contributions of volunteers and their importance to MAC and its mission, so please keep watching.

Once again, thank you to all of the amazing volunteers here at MAC.  It is a pleasure and an honor to work with you in furthering MAC's mission.