MAC Committees

MAC's committees are where much of the work of the association "gets done."  It's a great way to develop new skills, grow as a leader, and network with peers.


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MAC has four major types of committees.  There is often overlap and collaboration that happens among committees.  

Committees of the Board

Member Engagement Committees

Advocacy Committees

Program Committees

Strategic Interest Groups (SIGs) are another great way for members to get involved. 

Committees of the Board

Committees of the Board are restricted to voting board members and, in some cases, may include invited advisors with specific expertise.  These committees carry the highest level of fiduciary responsibility for MAC.  All other committees within MAC are Committees of the Organization, which means they may contain voting members who are not members of the Board.  These are working committees, showcasing our ability to deliver programs and services to members.    Meeting Picture
Executive Committee
The Executive Committee (EC) maintains the integrity of the Board’s process. It ensures that the Board and its Committees behave consistently with its own rules and those legitimately imposed upon it from outside the organization. The EC is authorized to make decisions on behalf of the Board between Board meetings.
Finance Committee
The Finance Committee oversees the financial health of the organization and keeps the Board informed of its financial performance and risk. The Committee directs the development and monitoring of MAC’s budget and investment activities.
Governance Committee
The Governance Committee focuses on the stability, viability, and effectiveness of MAC’s governance. The committee monitors the performance of MAC’s governance structure, including the Board, and its compliance to legal and regulatory requirements in its governance documents and practices.

Subcommittees of the Board

These Committees are intricately linked to Committees of the Board and allow members not on the Board to support critical board functions related to managing investments and succession planning.

Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee's primary purpose is to identify and cultivate leaders to advance MAC’s vision, mission, and strategic direction.  The Committee oversees the nominations and elections process for the Board and works to strengthen MACs succession planning practices.

More Information on Elections

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee supports the Finance Committee by recommending investment policies and actions, monitoring adopted investment policies for compliance, and evaluating adopted investment actions for effectiveness.

Member Management Committees

These Committees are focused on management activities related to the membership and volunteers. While there may be programmatic elements within these committees, their primary focus is ensuring that the core membership and volunteer functions are working effectively within MAC.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee oversees all major activities related to membership outside of programs. They manage the processes for vetting and approving new members, membership renewals, answering membership questions, evaluating and recommending changes to member dues and benefits, and ensuring all members adhere to the MAC's membership policies including the Code of Conduct.

More Information on Membership

Volunteer & Member Engagement Committee

As a volunteer-driven organization, MAC depends upon volunteers to meet our members' needs and expectations. The Volunteer and Member Engagement Committee provides an essential function for MAC by coordinating volunteer recruitment and orientation, creating and implementing engagement plans for the membership, and recognizing volunteer contributions.

More Information on Volunteering

Advocacy Committees

The primary focus of advocacy committees is to enhance the reputation and visibility of MAC to multiple stakeholder groups that exist largely outside of MAC itself.

Many of our SIGs also involve advocacy efforts and contribute content expertise and networking in focused areas.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee supports MAC's growth and development by recruiting new members and partners and increasing MAC’s overall visibility. In addition to direct outreach, efforts include attending other conferences, engaging industry press for public relations, and speaking engagements on current topics by MAC members.

More Information on Partnership Opportunities

Marketing & Communications Committee 

The Marketing Committee serves as a creative resource group and supports the preparation and dissemination of marketing collateral and public relations messaging. The Committee also evaluates how the website can be made more useful and user-friendly for members, volunteers, and other constituencies.

Program Committees

These committees monitor and execute the primary areas in which MAC delivers products and services to its members. They oversee the design, execution, and quality of MAC’s products and services and collaborate to deliver successful, relevant, and valuable member experiences.

Education Committee

As a direct reflection of MAC’s mission in action, the Education Committee focuses on offering continuing education and educational resources for all aspects of the payment ecosystem. The Education Committee sets the direction and guides both the short- and long-term goals and objectives for MAC's educational programs.

More on Upcoming Education Webinars

Events Committee

The Events Committee works with staff and other committees to ensure that MAC’s conference experiences meet attendees' needs and expectations and contribute positively to MAC's financial health.  These events include virtual, hybrid, and physical event formats.

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Agenda Committee

The Agenda Committee identifies, recruits, and selects presenters for participation in MAC events, such as Level Up, Tech Days, and Regional Meetings. The Committee ensures that a well-balanced, high-quality program is organized and presented at each event.

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Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee focuses on developing relationships that yield sponsorship and support of MAC by creating opportunities for sponsors to engage and communicate with members through events and other formats. MAC greatly values its sponsor partners and their role in making MAC's programs and benefits possible for members.

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Committee Chairs

MAC's Committees are led by an outstanding cadre of volunteers. All are leading efforts to support MAC's mission, to make MAC a better organization, and to deliver value to our members. We are always looking for more volunteers to help out and become volunteer leaders for MAC.
Domenic Cirone
Domenic Cirone
SVP, Acquirer Solutions Midigator
Co-Chair - Conference Program
Diane Driscoll
Diane Driscoll
ETA CPP™ Director of Compliance & Risk US Alliance Group
Chair - Volunteer & Member Engagement
Kevin Lambrix
Kevin Lambrix
SVP, Merchant Acquiring Risk Leader KeyBank
Chair - Finance
Jacinthia Lawson
Jacinthia Lawson
Founder/Managing Partner Risk3-INC
Chair - Outreach
Aliki Liadis-Hall
Aliki Liadis-Hall
VP, Risk Strategy & Portfolio Analytics Elavon
Chair - Membership
Alexis S Lichterman
Alexis S Lichterman
Founder Salus Payments
Chair - Sponsorship
Jennifer Maddux
Jennifer Maddux
Technical Compliance Manager Intuit Inc.
Co-Chair - Conference Program
Heather Randall
Heather Randall
Chief Compliance Officer Sphere
Chair - Governance
Julie Schwartz
Julie Schwartz
Director FIS Global
Chair - Event Logistics
Vadeene Sisk
Vadeene Sisk
VP of Global Disputes Interim Member
Chair - Education
Georgia E Stavrakis
Georgia E Stavrakis
SVP/Risk and Control Director Wells Fargo
Chair - Leadership Development