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Over the last year, MAC took several steps to increase the inclusivity of MAC's committees and programs.  Increasing member engagement and volunteers is one of our top strategic goals, and we are thrilled by the new ideas and contributors coming forward.  MAC is seeing new growth, energy and excitement as we enter our 25th year as an organization led and driven almost entirely by volunteers.

If you reached out to volunteer and did not get the response you expected, please try again or let us know where we fell short.  We continue to improve our processes with an eye toward improving the member and volunteer experience.  As with all things MAC, that can only happen if we have a vibrant, engaged and diverse pool of volunteers.

In the year ahead, watch for more volunteer opportunities, the launch of our new Secret Owl Society, and other exciting initiatives that will make volunteering for MAC both rewarding and fun.

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Why should I volunteer for MAC?

MAC thrives on engagement from our community of payment professionals.  Volunteering is a great way to develop skills while expanding your network of friends and professional connections.  Here are some reasons to volunteer for MAC:

It’s good for
your career
  • Volunteering facilitates meeting new people and increasing your visibility in the payments industry.  

  • Volunteering provides access to opportunities for on-the-job learning experiences that develop knowledge or skills in areas that may be new to you.

  • People with volunteer experience are significantly more likely to be promoted and experience shorter periods of time out of work.

It’s good for your personal growth
  • Volunteering often improves self-confidence.

  • Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills, experience different viewpoints, and can uncover new talents.

  • Volunteering is a low-risk way to promote personal growth and learn new things while helping others.

It’s good for
your health
  • Research shows strong links between volunteering and both physical and mental health.

  • Volunteering provides an intrinsic sense of accomplishment.

  • Volunteering can provide greater perspective and self-awareness.

  • Volunteering can reduce tension and stress.

You’re needed!
  • As a volunteer-driven association, every contribution matters.

  • Volunteers generate a sense of community, belonging, camaraderie, and teamwork which benefits all members.

  • Volunteering is a way to give back to the MAC community and support resources that you use.

  • Volunteering sets a good example and can inspire or empower others to make a positive change.

Volunteering is a “pay it forward” activity, and MAC is working to make it easier than ever to contribute to the community and be a part of fulfilling our mission.  We know that individuals who have a meaningful volunteer experience just once are more likely to remain engaged in the community. Volunteers and their organizations also experience greater value and return on their membership investment.  Every volunteer makes a difference.

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Why should my employer let me volunteer for MAC?

Most of us have heard the saying, “Doing good is good for business.”  Employee volunteering is a perfect example of that philosophy.  A strong body of evidence suggests that companies who support employee volunteering in nonprofit professional associations, such as MAC, experience a range of positive high-impact outcomes for their organizations.  For example:

Allowing employees to volunteer pays
  • Supporting employee volunteering increases employee engagement.
  • Research evidence has found many benefits of increased employee engagement:
    • Higher profitability and productivity
    • Less turnover, fewer accidents, fewer missed workdays, and improved health and happiness among employees
    • Greater customer engagement and satisfaction
Supporting volunteering is an investment in professional development
  • Contributing business skills and expertise to a nonprofit can be a low-cost and effective way to grow and develop employee leadership and professional skills.
  • The hands-on and lower-risk environment of volunteering contributes to greater skill development and more transferable knowledge.
  • Research points to evidence that active volunteers move more quickly into leadership positions.
  • Employee volunteers bring additional knowledge, new ideas, and new perspectives back to their organizations, enabling greater adaptability and success at innovation.
Volunteering improves brand perception
  • When employers support employee volunteering, those employees often speak more positively about their company.
  • Employee volunteering allows a company to show its brand and build connections within a community as part of corporate social responsibility efforts.
  • Research shows that when employers support employee volunteering, it has an overwhelmingly positive effect on staff morale, employee well-being, and employee perception of the overall working environment.


MAC’s identity is based on education.  Looking to the future, we plan to make our learning and volunteer experiences more accessible and meaningful.  In doing so, MAC becomes a volunteer destination for employers in the payment ecosystem as a low-cost and effective way to develop their current and future risk management workforce with technical and soft skills.  At the same time, it can support corporate social responsibility goals and improve the company's brand perception.

Supporting employee volunteering at MAC creates a win for everyone.