Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

This page will detail our current and future plans for D&I

MAC's Pledge for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

To help protect the integrity of the payment ecosystem through education, communication, and collaboration, MAC pledges to:

  • practice inclusion as both an ethical and operational imperative,
  • engage diverse backgrounds and perspectives to enrich our educational opportunities and strengthen organizational decisions,
  • seek out opportunities to support inclusive and equitable behaviors, and, 
  • promote a culture that recognizes and develops the potential of all members.

MAC is committed to adopting processes, policies, programs, and practices in support of this pledge.  This begins with establishing mechanisms that enable all voices to be heard and where difficult conversations can occur respectfully.  MAC leadership will work to actively model behaviors that promote the dignity, engagement, and growth of all members.

In doing these things, we advance MAC's mission while also providing relevant service and value to our members and society.

MAC Today

Historically, MAC has not tracked demographic information about our membership with the belief that someone's demographic background was not a factor in deciding membership or providing benefits.  We recognize today this belief resulted in missed opportunities to proactively grow diversity, equity, and inclusion at MAC. While we cannot undo the past, we are actively engaged in creating a better future.


  • Percentage of MAC Committee Chairs or Co-chairs who are women


  • Percentage of the time since incorporating in 2007 where a woman has held the top leadership role (President) at MAC
  • Percentage of MAC’s voting board members who are women


  • Percentage of the time since founding in 1997 that a woman has held the top leadership role (President) at MAC
  • Percentage of MAC’s advising board members who are women


  • Size of the MAC Board (voting + advising)


  • Percentage of combined board and staff from underrepresented racial or ethnic groups


  • Number of MAC full-time staff (2 men), and contracted specialists (3 women)


  • Percentage of MAC staff or board members with a disclosed ADA disability

While there is still progress to be made, in the past year:

  • The MAC Board adopted a diversity statement as part of its policies and procedures.
  • The Outreach Committee spawned a subgroup to begin work on a DEI plan for MAC, aligned to member needs, our strategic plan, and MAC's mission.
  • We included D&I within our strategic plan. 
  • We delivered webinars on topics such as Implicit Bias.
  • We approached other associations, such as WNet, to explore collaboration opportunities.

More Coming Soon

Over the next year, we will expand the information and resources available on this page.  We will include information created by the Outreach Committee that will outline our plan and approach to D&I.  This will include recommendations for specific initiatives to continue the evolution of MAC's culture and potential programs to support our members and their D&I efforts relative to MAC's mission.

If you would like to be a part of our planning and program development process for D&I please contact us to volunteer or watch our volunteer openings for new and upcoming opportunities.