Secret Owl Society (SOS)

SOS LogoWelcome to the Secret Owl Society! 

If you reached this page looking for assistance with something MAC-related, then we are happy to help you. 

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If you reached this page because you want to help other MAC members get the most from their membership, then  CONGRATULATIONS, you are in the right place!

This page serves as a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page for SOS.

What's the Secret Owl Society? 

The Secret Owl Society, or SOS, is a group of volunteers looking to help their organization or other new MAC members get the most out of their membership experience.  We want to continue to build an environment that is welcoming, inclusive and reinforces the decision to join for new members.

We are looking for volunteers who want to help other members get to know MAC:  from education and events to networking opportunities or alerts. 

Besides being part of a secret society of knowledgeable people, as an SOS member:
  • You will get early access to information on new programs and initiatives at MAC so that you can help your organization get the most from its membership.
  • You will be part of a network of MAC members looking to strengthen the MAC community by helping others in your organization gain even more value from your MAC membership.
  • You may get invited to opportunities to pilot test or preview new initiatives before they launch to the full membership.
  • You will gain access to the MAC Volunteer Lounge at Level Up--a new feature that we added this year.
  • You will gain access to an exclusive SOS-only community area where you can share best practices, ideas and feedback on the SOS or MAC.
  • Increases the value of your own MAC membership with opportunities for additional professional development and growth through volunteer leadership
  • Opportunities to be part of building a new program to support MAC members like you 

What's more, this volunteer opportunity does not require a set time commitment.  You have the flexibility to engage in SOS activities as your schedule allows.  There is no cost for a MAC member to join the SOS.

It is about members helping members. Period.

The S.O.S. program is designed for busy payments professionals. Your primary role is to share your MAC experience, point others to where they can get questions answered, welcome new members into our organization, and encourage more members to engage in MAC through volunteering or participating in our community.

S.O.S. members can engage through direct outreach to new members.  This might include regular contacts, early mentoring and encouragement to participate in MAC, greeting members at MAC events, and building awareness of what MAC has to offer both individuals and organizations.  Members can also participate in the S.O.S. by crafting short welcome messages or other text explaining a specific MAC program or benefit.  Nearly anyone can become an S.O.S. member if they are willing and able to contribute toward enhancing the MAC experience for new and existing members.

MAC seeks to reinforce our culture of being welcoming and inclusive, and knows that we are successful when our members are successful.

The primary goals of the S.O.S. are to:

  • Help new members maximize the value of their MAC membership.
  • Create a welcoming environment and reinforce the decision to join for new members.
  • Provide existing members additional networking opportunities and meaningful volunteer experiences.

Success at achieving these goals will result in continued growth and retention of both members and volunteers.

The S.O.S. program will be evaluated based on the number of inquiries to participate, references to the program among members, and the retention and satisfaction rates of members who interact with the S.O.S. as compared to those who do not. Our goal will be to have new members experience at least two interactions with an S.O.S. member in their first 30 days, and at least one interaction each month during a member’s first year.

MAC will have an open call for members to join the S.O.S. program and will provide a  short online application form for potential participants.  The Volunteer and Member Engagement Committee will review applications on a monthly basis and help coordinate and guide S.O.S. activities.

An S.O.S. member is ideally someone who has been a member of MAC for at least six months and who has attended a minimum of two meetings or events. An Ambassador of the Secret Owl Society (S.O.S.) should be someone who strives to help others feel comfortable, enjoys sharing and gaining knowledge, adheres to MAC’s Code of Conduct policy, and understands and embraces the value of belonging to MAC and its mission.

There are, of course, many other ways to be involved in the SOS or other MAC activities and programs.  We welcome volunteers interested in sharing or growing their skills across a wide range of areas.