Membership Information

Want to learn more about MAC Membership?  You have come to the right place!

Membership with MAC provides you and your organization with personal and professional development opportunities, including the ability to:

  • Establish meaningful connections with your peers and expand your network 
  • Gain valuable industry insight and education to help your organization and grow your career
  • Share and access information to help you manage risk, prevent fraud and stay secure
  • Improve leadership and communication skills through volunteer and speaking opportunities
  • Participate in ongoing and new programs with a growing community of payment and law enforcement professionals

MAC offers three distinct categories of membership. Each category is unique.

Prices as of 7/12/22.

MAC does not have individual members at this time.  Benefits and dues rates vary depending on which membership category best fits your organization.  Starting May 2021, MAC no longer charges an additional rate per member -- organizations can join and enjoy the ability to enroll an unlimited number of their employees into their membership.  

Please select the category of membership that best matches your organization type.  If you have any questions on which category of membership would be the right fit or other membership questions, please contact us ([email protected]), and one of our awesome volunteers or a staff member will be happy to assist you!

Payment Member

Businesses offering direct or indirect access to payment processing functionality, including ACH capabilities. This category can include but is not limited to acquirers, ISO & MSPs, payment facilitators, MSBs, or bill payment organizations.

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Regulatory & Law Enforcement

Applies to all the major card brands, PCI SSC, and Nacha. It includes regulatory enforcement agencies, agencies that protect consumers from unfair and abusive practices, and law enforcement. It also includes staff from partner associations with aligned missions, such as Wnet and ETA.  Active academics and researchers investigating payment technologies to address payment risk, fraud prevention, and related topics are invited to join this category.

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Solution Partner

Businesses offering solutions or services to support risk management, underwriting, compliance, or legal, support or solutions. This category can include but is not limited to payment hardware or software providers, industry consultants, Merchant Monitoring Service Provider (MMSP), or CI/data security solutions, and any person or organization engaged in the practice of law.
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