MAC COVID-19 Policy at In-Person Events

MAC's COVID-19 Policy - last updated 2/16/22

MAC’s primary goal is to host a safe and rewarding conference for all participants. We look forward to bringing the industry back together again for the meaningful in-person interactions that we’ve all missed. To support these outcomes, we’ve determined the best way to help everyone feel more comfortable as well as to provide a further wellness safeguard is to require all MAC Level Up 22 participants to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative test result from the past 72 hours.

MAC is committed to following all health and safety measures as issued by local, state, and federal authorities, including Park MGM and the Centers for Disease Control. As guidelines at all levels are changing frequently, please monitor this page for any updates to our policies.


Event Code EFATTENDEE207

As part of our commitment to the safety at MAC Level Up 22, all attendees must provide proof of vaccination or a negative test result within 72 hours before checking in.

  • MAC Level Up 22 will be using Health Pass by CLEAR, which provides secure, digital proof of COVID-related health insights via the free CLEAR mobile app. Complete your health screening with Health Pass by CLEAR ahead of time for expedited check-in and entry!

            Download and enroll here: Apple App Store or the Android App Store

  • For the most efficient entry possible, every attendee should enroll with CLEAR before the event to complete their COVID-19 pre-screening. Once your vaccination record has been uploaded to the platform, it can typically take up to 30 minutes for your status to be verified. We encourage all attendees to complete this process at least 24 hours before the event.

 Health Pass by CLEAR

Get ready for the event by downloading CLEAR for free and completing the one time enrollment process to verify your entry requirements. You’ll be able to use Health Pass to confirm entry requirements before entering through the CLEAR Fast Lanes.


Step 1: Download and enroll in CLEAR

  1. Download the CLEAR app and tap on the white Health Pass tile.
    1. Select “Have a Code?” and enter the code EFATTENDEE207
  2. Tap “Enroll or verify you're in CLEAR” to create your CLEAR member account
    1. New to CLEAR? When prompted, enter your email address, phone number, and have your gov’t issued photo ID ready to complete enrollment
    2. Already a CLEAR member? Use the email address associated with your membership and snap a quick selfie to verify your identity
  3. Continue to follow prompts on the Entry Requirements page to securely confirm your proof of vaccination or negative test results


Step 2: Before arriving to the event, complete your Health Pass for faster entry at check-in

  1. Open the CLEAR app and tap on the white Your Pass tile
  2. Confirm your identity with a quick selfie
  3. Tap “Open Health Pass” to get your result. Green means you’re good to go!


Need help?  Call 855-CLEAR-ME or tap “Get in Touch” in the app for assistance

Disclaimer: CLEAR will not share your specific data about your vaccination or test results with the event organization.



Following CDC guidance and requirements set forth by the State of Nevada, masks are required for all guests and employees in all inside public spaces, regardless of vaccination status.
If the local and facility requirements change, MAC will continue to follow their requirements. If the mask mandate has been lifted by the time the event occurs, MAC will change to a policy where masks are allowed but not required. 

Physical Distancing
Social distancing practices will be implemented according to all venue, local and state guidelines. As such we will be adjusting the event layout and seating areas to promote physical distancing.

Hand Sanitizers
Hand sanitizer stations will be conveniently placed throughout the event.

Increased Sanitization
Enhanced cleaning and sanitization will be conducted in all high-touch areas.

Directional & Safety Signage
Clearly marked entry and exit points will direct traffic to ensure safety and social distancing. Signage will be placed to remind all attendees to social distance and frequently wash and sanitize their hands.