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Tuesday, November 9, 2021
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM (EST)

Event Details

MAC Virtual Regionals

MAC's Regional events are an annual series of three one-day seminars hosted in the West, Midwest, and East regions. Traditionally, the Regionals act as a bridge in-between annual conferences so MAC members can still connect to subject matter experts on trending topics, card brand updates, and each other. 

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, MAC is unable to host face-to-face Regionals this year. 
... But MAC can still provide the bridge.

Please join your fellow MAC members for an intimate day of sessions. With smaller 'micro' sessions centered on hot topics and larger panel discussions covering a range of sub-topics, attendees will be able to get vital information without having to wait until next year's annual conference, Level Up. 

Agenda Details: 
(subject to change)

Adding a surcharge to a card payment is a relatively recent trend with US payment solutions, and yet the majority of the products offered are knowingly non-compliant.  We will explore the various schemes, the justifications used to persuade others that they are compliant, and why the industry doesn't seem to care. Things for you to consider in supporting the variety of programs in your own shops!

David Leppek - Executive Payment Consultant

Description coming soon. 

Craig McClure - Director, Relationship Management
     Fi911 and Chargebacks911

Dom Cirone - SVP, Acquirer Solutions

Jim Bibles - SVP Risk
     Aperia Solutions

Description coming soon. 
A cryptocurrency will be providing a microburst session on the essentials of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and their impact to the payments space. 

Christopher Boon - Associate

Focus on regulatory enforcement actions and trends under a new CFPB and reconstituted FTC, including Supreme Court precedent on the enforcement authority of the FTC.

Ed Marshall - Partner

Theresa Kananen - Partner

Other sessions planned - times and details coming soon:

  • Buy Now Pay Later
  • Surcharging and Cash Discounts
  • Decline Fees
  • Card Brand Trends to Know

Thank you to the MAC Virtual Regionals Partners who make educational events like this happen.