3 Ways to Increase Your Knowledge Base as a MAC Member

Posted By: Brian Reddoch MAC Dispatch, MAC Monitor,

3 Ways to Increase Your Knowledge Base More as a MAC Member


Ingrained in the foundation of MAC is the concept that industry collaboration leads to stronger defenses against fraud. By sharing and communicating, the industry learns and improves. MAC is volunteer-led and driven by the suggestions and input of our volunteers and members.


If you are struggling with a challenge, then someone else in the payments ecosystem is probably either been there (if not also there). Your MAC membership is an effective toolbox to help. Here are three ways that MAC can help: 


  1. Ask MAC Members
    The MAC Alert system is an email distribution system that allows members to communicate with each other. One of the means is Ask MAC Members. This allows members to raise questions to all other members.

    Typical Ask MAC Members questions include:

Does anyone have a recommendation for a vendor that handles XYZ?

I’m looking for a contact at ABC. Does anyone know someone they can connect me with?

I'm wondering if anyone knows who uses MIDs such as Gxxxx?

For more information on Ask MAC Members, click here.

  1. Suggest a Webinar Topic
    Did you know that the agendas for MAC’s Monthly Webinar Series and Level Up are picked by members? Many of the sessions are specifically chosen by suggestions, input, and requests by members from post-event surveys and submissions.

If you think there is a topic that you personally want to hear more about then let us know. Our committee volunteers will use your input in evaluating and building future sessions.


For more information on Submitting ideas, click here.
To send us your ideas, email us at [email protected]

  1. Attend an Event

    MAC Events are more than just educational sessions (though we do have amazing sessions). MAC is also about networking and sharing information with others. We invite you to join the chat during the Monthly Webinar Series. We encourage you to come to our annual event and meet others at Coffee Connect where you can ask questions. We hope to see you at the Roundtable sessions at the Regionals and Level Up. Roundtables are specifically designed for attendees to ask questions of each other and share common challenges and best practices.