Additional sessions announced for Level Up 21

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We are about a month away from MAC’s annual industry event focusing on Navigating the New World. Level Up 21 is scheduled to depart July 27-28, and topics and sessions are targeted to all levels of expertise in the payments industry. The agenda is packed with curated content by members and for members. 

Are you already registered? Share the event with an industry peer. Collaboration is a key component of this event, and we invite you to share your knowledge and lessons learned from the past year. 

We are excited to announce these newly confirmed sessions. Visit the full agenda to learn more. 

  • Payment Facilitator Fireside Chat, July 27 at 3:55 PM EST
    • Join us for a chat with some subject matter experts in the payment facilitator industry. We will discuss payment facilitator requirements, best practices, and potential roadblocks while bringing innovation to the payment industry to support the growing business model.

At Your Leisure Sessions - These sessions are available on your schedule for a “deeper dive” into the content areas.  

  • New Requirements for Adult Content Merchants & Recent Trends with Negative Option Billing Merchants
    • Jonathan Trivals, Vice President, Brand Performance, Mastercard, will review the new requirements for adult content merchants and discussing the recent trends Mastercard has been seeing with negative option billing merchants.
    • False Personas, Real Fraud: The Threat of Synthetic IDs
      • Synthetic identity fraud is a sophisticated threat that has stymied the banking industry for years and is now emerging as a major threat to the online payments industry. Fraudsters use synthetic identity creation techniques to open online merchant accounts en masse to use them for transaction laundering, card testing, card cashing, and more. In this flash session, LegitScript senior analyst Grant Barba gives a high-level overview of synthetic accounts and shares how LegitScript identifies indicators of risk. At the end of the session, you'll have an opportunity to download a new guide on the topic.
      • Turning the Ship: Sink or Swim in the New World
        • This session from Agreement Express will exclusively focus on how to compete in the New World and help prevent firms from falling behind. With today’s technology innovations, you don't have to build it, and you don't have to be satisfied with a DocuSign. Smart technology can keep labor costs down and lead to big ROIs that enable transformation and growth without compromising service or brand.